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Fill plugs for acid batteries and alkaline batteries

Fill plug details

The heart of our products is the filling plug, which is inserted into the cell opening of the battery and regulates the level of the fluid. In addition to the classic lead-acid battery, which uses dilute sulfuric acid as the electrolyte, we can also offer filler plugs that use caustic (alkaline) as the electrolyte (NiCd, NiFe batteries).

Our current filling plug is originally from the production of Rover & Rover GmbH. We have invested a lot of time since the takeover and founding of the aquapro-FACTORY to improve the system. Fine tuning of tolerances, modification of plastics and many new designs of components and a new, innovative closure system for the Hydrometer access … the result is now a filler, which is equal to the existing systems on the market, or even superior.

Description of a filling plug

The water inlet is via a T-piece, which is removable for the customer. For very narrow plugs, e.g. The hose installation externally made thus easier to be inserted into the battery.

After the water has passed the T piece, it is deflected several times to form a kind of water trap, which acts as a flame barrier in the event of a cell explosion and prevents the flammable gases from leaking to the other plugs. The valve is sealed by O-rings and ensures reliable operation even at the lowest pressure. The now regulated, further flowing water completely flows around the only moving component in our plug and prevents so that dirt or gas deposition can accumulate. Via lateral openings, it then flows into the cell opening of the battery.

The gases produced during charging are collected in the upper, separate area of the plug housing, redirected several times in order to condense there. The condensate drips from there back into the battery. The hydrometer opening is another highlight of our development. We deliberately chose a simple but very robust principle because the existing designs are rather disadvantageous to the user.

The operator performing the electrolyte test wears gloves that protect him from aggressive acid. The gloves usually do not allow fine motor work to open sliding covers or other hinged lids. For our product, the user only has to press the movably mounted hinge lid with the special ear so that the hydrometer port is released. The probe tube slides through and closes itself again when pulling out. The danger that afterwards a lid is open, or is demolished is thereby 100% excluded.

Aquapro offers you a variety of filling plugs, which covers all standard cell openings and application areas. In addition to the classic traction batteries, we also offer solutions for stationary batteries. We manufacture our components internally so that we can respond optimally to your wishes. Thus, a special color request is feasible even for small quantities. The tables below already contain the suffix that refers to the respective color. The color table is only a suggestion that you can easily add to your page.

Fill plug inclusive protection capFurthermore, we offer optional additional equipment for our filling plug. The protective cap has been developed according to the requirements of an environment such as for vehicles in mines. The protective cap can also be used for aesthetic reasons. For example, if you want to print your logo on it. It is made of impact-resistant PE material and covers the top of the plug and provides a larger area for printing. The area of the Hydrometer opening still freely accessible.

Fill plugs for lead-acid batteries

fill plugs for lead-acid batteries

Push-in plugs (Battery type block battery)

19 mm
Article-No.ColorSizeFloat housing
1 119 000-ABlack19 mmNo
1 119 000-xSee table19 mmNo
Optional with cap
Fill plugs for block batteries

Push-in plugs (Battery type european standard)

35 mm
Article-No.ColorSizeFloat housing
1 135 000-ABlack19 mmNo
1 135 000-xSee table35 mmNo
Optional with cap
Push-in plugs (Battery type european standard)

Bayonet plugs (Battery type european standard)

24 mm
Article-No.ColorSizeFloat housing
1 104 000-ABlack2 RenkNo
1 104 000-xSee table2 RenkNo
1 154 000-ABlackClip inNo
1 154 000-xSee tableClip inNo
1 155 000-ABlackClip inYes 55 mm
1 155 000-xSee tableClip inYes 55 mm
Optional with cap
Bayonet plugs (Battery type european standard)

Bayonet plugs (Battery type asian standard, e.g. Yuasa)

29 mm
Article-No.ColorSizeFloat housing
1 108 000-ABlack29 mmNo
1 108 000-xSee table29 mmNo
Optional with cap
Bayonet plugs (Battery type asian standard, e.g. Yuasa)

Threaded plugs (Battery type asian standard, e.g. Yuasa)

Article-No.ColorSizeFloat housing
1 121 000-ABlackM 21No
1 121 000-xSee tableM 21No
1 127 000-ABlackM 27No
1 127 000-xSee tableM 27No
1 130 000-ABlackM 30No
1 130 000-xSee tableM 30No
Optional with cap
Threaded plugs (Battery type asian standard, eg. Yuasa)

Special plugs – filling plugs for alkaline batteries

Special fill plug for solar

Renkstopfen Solarbatterie-Anwendung2 Bayonet plug usage:
Solar batteries: NiCd-, NiFe- or OPzS batteries

A special feature is our Fiilcap , which we have manufactured at the request of a customer in Australia. The electricity from a solar field is stored there by means of NiCd batteries. The plant is self-sufficient and is located far away in the Australian outback, so that a service can be made only very rarely. The customer decided against a solution with recombination plugs and instead used our battery filling system to further delay the interval of water filling. In combination with our E-BOX + 60 liter canisters and a timer, we have realized the specification of an autonomous system.

Also, the materials of the plug have adapted to the particular electrolyte. Instead of polycarbonate, we have used caustic resistant SAN and a special ABS used on NiCd and NiFe batteries. The protective cap has an intrigued ceramic flame retardant that prevents explosive gases from igniting and beating back into the cell. The Hydrometer Port is easy to reach via our proven hinge opening, but has also been provided with a cover for maximum operational safety. We also use this special version for stationary lead-acid batteries; the type of construction does not actually require a water filling system. The advantage for them is thus a prolonged interval and the security during filling.

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