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Battery filling systems

Our intelligent system works on a high and effective level and saves time and money.More about battery filling

Schwimmer zur Batteriebefuellung

Floats for filling batteries

With the aquapro gauge you will find the right float in no time.More about floats

Wasserbehaelter Pumpen

Water tanks, pumps, tubes and connectors

Simple and sturdy – our hand pumps



We offer quick couplings and accessories for the tubing.

Diverses für Batterien

Various for batteries

Make it easy! We also supply complete and pre-assembled kits. Unpack, plug in the battery and get started!

Battery filling systems and accessories

The company has founded a number of companies involved in the development and sale of battery filling systems.

Our products are developed at our location in Germany and manufactured in-house. Our pumps, filling plugs and tubing for battery coating are used only in the world. Inventive spirit with high quality standards, many years of experience and the will to constantly improve our products have been the foundation of our success since 1995.

Filling plugs

  • Filling plugs for:

    ➔ Traction batteries (lead acid batteries)
    ➔ Stationary batteries (OpZs)
    ➔ Stationary batteries (NiFe, NiCd)
  • Water tanks and pump systems
  • Quick couplings and accessories for the tubing
  • Water treatment plants Deionizers

Our products are suitable for:

  • Forklifts and pallet jack
  • Sweepers
  • Electric vehicles
  • Solar storage


iso 9001 zertifiziert

ISO 9001 Certification

Also we are now a DIN ISO certified company. Aquapro-factory started to introduce the international quality standard in 2016 and successfully completed in August 2017. At the same time, a new, internal quality system was introduced to further reduce the error rate. All our filling plugs are repeatedly inspected for faults during assembly and pressure-tested after installation with a 100% control in order to achieve a constant quality.

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