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CAD-Planing of filling plug


The times on the good old drawing board are still well-known to us. We have been working with CAD support for many years now. From simple components to complex assemblies, we use well-known software to achieve perfect results.

Injection molding and Assemblies

Injection molding

Plastic – that’s our passion! We have been producing injection molds for more than 25 years. This long experience flows into our components every day and thus helps to improve the final product steadily.


One comes to the other and complements until a simple injection molded part becomes an assembly. Several assemblies combined and perfectly adjusted to each other. That’s the recipe for a successful product.

Assembly and testing of filling plugs


We produce on modern special machines. Immediately after successful assembly, the filling plug is tested for its function.


The devil is in the details, says an old adage. Therefore, we do not just test our components to the required dimensions, but optically under the microscope.

About us

The aquapro FACTORY GmbH was founded in the summer of 2016, behind us we are – the Königsheim Industriebedarf.

We are a company founded in 1995 that specializes in product development. Our many years of experience in the production of injection molds as well as our own production of technical plastic articles led us to take over the products of Rover & Rover GmbH, to improve them technically, to innovate them and to lead them as a new company

The combination of innovation and craftsmanship makes it possible to meet a wide variety of market requirements. At the same time we want to follow the tradition of the German company philosophy and produce and offer quality products according to the principle „Made in Germany“. Our strength as a company is therefore the complete production of our products. So we have several jobs in the CAD area as well as an internal mold making with various machine tools, so we can respond quickly to customer requests or changes to the current article.

The production of plastic components takes place in-house on modern injection molding machines.

We are also self-sufficient in the field of adaptive manufacturing. Since 2015 we produce our prototypes or our internal applications with 3D printing. The trend towards adaptive manufacturing is not being implemented here either.

Our certification according to DIN ISO 9001 is actively implemented on a daily basis and further quality assurance measures are planned.

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