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All in one aquamatic connectors

An equally important part of the efficient and cost-effective AquaPro SPFS system is our all-in ONE male coupling, which couples the water supply to the filler plug supply lines. By combining a unique combination of connector, valve, filter and flow indicator, you save time and money by combining all the components you need in one unit. Optionally, a dual port is available here which minimizes the installation effort. Also the counterpart, the female connector, which remains at the water tank offers you many advantages.

Again, the filter is already integrated so the foreign particles are reliably kept away from the water system. We also offer this coupling with built-in flow indicator. Colored plastic balls are set in rotation by the flow and thus signal the flow of water to the filling plugs. Our couplings are deliberately designed as a „push-pull“ version. Both connectors are simply put together and snap in automatically. The separation is reversed without a button or the like must be pressed. The system automatically triggers when there is a lot of pulling, thus providing the user with optimum safety in the event that was „forgotten“ to disconnect the battery and the water tank.

All in one aquamatic connectors

Technical informations

Pressure range:Up to 3 bar
Flow:Up to 20 l/min
Filter size:0,15 mm
Material:Polycarbonat crystal clear, Polypropylen
Dust protection:TPU

Connectors via Snap in / Snap out

Our all-in-ONE Aquamatic connectors is easy to use because it has no complicated controls that have to be operated awkwardly. Simply put together and disconnect by train again. The built-in spring element reliably holds both couplings together up to a pressure of 3 bar!

Both variants have built-in filters to keep dirt out of your battery. Our construction is simple yet robust and stable. In the case of a clogged filter, it can be opened easily to clean it.

The flow indicator is a special feature, as it is already intrigued with every male coupling. As soon as the flow of water to the cells begins, the colored balls begin to rotate. So even the tiniest water flows are clearly visible from every side. As soon as the movement stops, the cell / battery has got enough water, the filling system has closed and the coupling can be disconnected again.

The flow indicator is an integral part of the male coupling, but is also used in the female coupling. We offer it as an option, with a suffix „B“ at the end of the article number. The dust cover is made of flexible TPU material and ensures that it remains on the battery, which prevents foreign particles from entering the coupling. The material is extremely tear-resistant and thus forgives rough operation. We offer all couplings for 3 different hose diameters, which can be combined individually.

The dual output (2 x NW 6) in the male coupling has been proven for years, since it minimizes the hassle of tubing the battery. Instead of a larger hose with many connectors, a simple loop can easily be formed here, since the T-pieces on the filler plugs also have a 6 mm connection. All cells are put together so feed and return are realized with only 2 separate hoses.

The connector of the coupling is compatible with the well-known German manufacturers.

Male connectors 24 mm

24 mmArticle-No.Output / tube diameterFlow indicator
601 1061 x 6 mmYes
601 1081 x 8 mmYes
601 1101 x 10 mmYes
601 2062 x 6 mm (Dual Port)Yes
601 116TH1 x 10 mm (M16 Thread included)Yes
aquamatic connector 2 x nw 6

Female connectors 24 mm

24 mmArticle-No.Output / tube diameterFlow indicator
602 1061 x 6 mmNo
601 1081 x 8 mmNo
602 1101 x 10 mmNo
602 106-B1 x 6 mmYes
602 108-B1 x 8 mmYes
602 110-B1 x 10 mmYes
aquamatic connector 1 x nw 10
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